TECH SkunkX Odor Remover & Tough Odor Eliminator 24 oz - 2 pk - Tough Odor Eliminator That Even Helps Eliminate Skunk Odors

Skunk odors, the toughest odor to get rid of? Not anymore! TECH SkunkX Odor Remover & Odor Eliminator uses a unique formula that instantly neutralizes the toughest odors on contact – including skunk spray. Use this product in the air or directly on any water washable fabric or porous surface, to instantly neutralize tough odors and smells. TECH SkunkX Odor Remover & Odor Eliminator does not use any enzymes so it works instantly, no need to wait for those smells to disappear! It’s the only solution to instantly remove tough skunk odors.

Effective on:
Skunk Odors
Athletic Bags-Equipment
Athletic Shoes
Garbage/Trash Cans
Smoke Odors
Anyplace there are tough odors to eliminate!