About Us

TECH Enterprises Inc.


From humble beginnings to thousands of retail outlets and millions of satisfied customers, TECH continues to be one of America's great specialty cleaning companies.



Customers coming into their local carpet store looking for a product to remove stains consistently without toxic chemicals and fumes, send the creators of TECH on a mission. 

Realizing nothing was currently available ... the new "magic" product that removed stains from carpets - Final Answer Carpet Cleaner was developed. 

Combining technological (get it?? - "TECH") advances in safe ingredients with a passion for the perfect stain remover, a few years later TECH Stain Remover was developed as a more versatile, all purpose stain removing product. 

For many years Final Answer and TECH Stain Remover were only sold to local independent retailers throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.

TECH Final Answer Old Packaging
Stain-X Stain Remover Old Packaging



Adaven Marketing Inc. (AMI) was founded in 1992 as a marketing/distributing company.  The primary focus was to meet customer demand of being able to purchase TECH products locally.  TECH users wanted to be able to buy in their local grocery, drug, convenience, and fabric stores.  AMI continued to expand retail outlets throughout and beyond the Mid-West to independent retail hardware stores , vacuum shops, car washes, pet supply stores and carpet stores.  In 2003 AMI purchased the assets of Positive Products Inc. and acquired the Stain-X brand of products.  This acquisition allowed for an increase in types of products available as well as additional national retailers.

2020...and beyond


20/20 = Perfect Vision.

In 2020 Adaven Marketing Inc. and TECH Enterprises Inc. combine into one company with products for all your cleaning needs:  carpet, upholstery, clothing, hard surface flooring, wood flooring, as well as kitchen and bath. 



Currently based in Madison WI, TECH Enterprises Inc. will continue to develop, manufacture and market some of the great specialty brands available today.  For over 50 years and counting you can count on TECH to be there for you!


We would like to thank our current employees most of whom have been here for over 20 years for your continued support of our great company!