TECH Odor Neutralizer Spray 24 oz -2 pk - Spray Odor Neutralizer for Fabrics, Athletic Bags, Garbage Cans, Smoke, and 100's of Other Offensive Odors

TECH Odor Neutralizer is nature’s solution for odor problems. It is not an odor mask, it’s a true odor eliminator. We have formulated our formula with a natural sassafras extract and selectively-adapted organic salts to effectively neutralize and eliminate the most offensive odors, without the need or hassle of waiting for enzymes to work. The natural sassafras fragrance provides immediate relief, while odor-causes bacteria are encapsulated and destroyed, quickly and permanently.

TECH Odor Neutralizer is safe for all fabrics so it can be sprayed directly on the problem area or spray in the air to freshen any room.
Perfect for the home, auto, RV, Marine, bathrooms, closets kitchens, gym/athletic bags, shoes and sporting clothes. It instantly eliminates odors – spray it on and the smell is gone!