Stain-X Hi-Foam Carpet Shampoo 24 oz 2 pk - Premium Quality Carpet Shampoo for All Dry Foam Type Carpet Cleaning Machines

USES: Safe for use in all dry foaming rotary-type shampoo machines - including rentals

STAIN-X Hi-Foam Carpet Shampoo is a synergistic blend of detergents and cleaners, formulated to instantly emulsify dirt and soils. STAIN-X Hi-Foam Carpet Shampoo provides a rich, thick foam that releases soil from carpet fibers and traps it for quick, easy removal. The unique low moisture formula is fast drying and ensures against “over-wetting”, allowing traffic back on to the carpet sooner, perfect for restaurants, hotels, businesses, or anyplace wet carpet is a liability.
Our exclusive formula contains everything you need to keep your carpets looking fresh and looking like new. Everything is built in so there is no need to purchase other chemicals to complete the job. Any residue left behind dries to a powder, which is simply vacuumed away. STAIN-X Hi-Foam Carpet Shampoo is formulated to be the best foam type shampoo available. Compare to Kirby® and Electrolux® brand carpet shampoos.