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NEU All Purpose Cleaner Rain Scent 24 oz/2 pk

NEU All Purpose Cleaner Rain Scent 24 oz/2 pk

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Guarded by a neutral balanced pH formula, NEU All Purpose Cleaner can be safely used on granite, travertine, sealed marble, tile, stone, concrete, grout, glass, coated wood, laminate or virtually any surface in your home. NEU All Purpose Cleaner detergents gently and thoroughly clean leaving a sparkling surface. NEU All Purpose Cleaner does not contain bleach, silicates, amine, chlorine or any other harsh chemical making it safe to use around children and pets.

  • pH neutral formula
  • Can be safely used on most surfaces
  • Easy to use and safe around kids and pets
  • Spray-on wipe off formula wont leave any sticky residue
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