NEU Floor Cleaner Lemon Scent 32 oz/2 pk - Concentrated pH Neutral Floor Cleaner That Is Tough On Dirt Yet Gentle For Your Floors

NEU Floor Cleaner is a neutral, no rinse floor cleaner that is gentle on all types of flooring including vinyl, laminate, wood, tile, travertine, sealed marble, concrete, bamboo, cork and many other sealed flooring types. Stop chemically stripping dirt from flooring. NEU Floor Cleaner gently lifts dirt off - leaving floors looking and feeling better with no sticky residue left behind.

  • pH Neutral formula
  • Powerful yet gentle cleaning
  • Great smell, no unhealthy fumes
  • No harsh chemicals (no phosphates, no bleach, no hydroxides, no ethylene glycol ethers)
  • Environmentally friendly
DIRECTIONS: Dilute product by adding 2 oz of floor cleaner per 1 gallon of cold or tepid water in a mop bucket for routine cleaning. Use up to 4 oz of floor cleaner per 1 gallon of cold or tepid water for tough cleaning jobs. DO NOT wet mop floors with excess floor cleaning solution. For best results, wring excess liquid out of cleaning mop or rag before wiping floors. After cleaning, no rinse is needed. Let floor air dry. Flooring may be slippery until it is completely dry. DO NOT apply undiluted cleaner to flooring.