TECH Stain Remover 128 oz Bottle - Effective Stain Remover Spray for Carpet, Clothing, Laundry, Upholstery and Other Washable Fabrics


USES:  Laundry Stain Remover, Carpet Stain Remover & Upholstery Stain Remover 

 TECH Stain Remover works on all water washable fabrics, including:  carpet, clothing, upholstery & vinyl.  TECH Stain Remover works great as a laundry stain remover often outperforming "national branded" products.  TECH Stain Remover contains no harsh chemicals like alcohols, bleaches or solvents.  TECH Stain Remover is odorless, contains no enzymes or anything that could harm fabrics.  TECH Stain Remover can be used in confidence around children and pets.  No other product is as versatile and easy to use as TECH Stain Remover.  TECH Stain Remover has earned the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute, meaning that TECH is recognized by carpet manufacturers as a superior cleaning product  that will not damage your carpet or carpet backing and may help maintain  your carpets warranty.  

TECH Stain Remover removes stains like:

BBQ Crayon Ketchup
Ball Point Ink Dirt/Mud/Soil Latex Paint
Berry Stains Feces Liquor
Blood Grass Stains Oil
Coffee Gravy/Food Perspiration
Cola Drinks Grease Red Wine
Cosmetics Jelly Vomit
  • 100's More Stain Combinations!!
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Jane A.
United States

Great Product

It has been very good at removing many kinds of stains from fabric; I have no carpet. It is also good on car upholstery stains.

Deborah B.
United States United States

Amazing cleaner

I have used this cleaner for many years. It is the best for spots of any kind anywhere! I decided to order directly from the company so I would get the “real” Tech cleaner, since I can longer find it in a store in my location. Excellent experience ordering online and proper care was taken in shipping to make sure no leakage occurred! Thank you Tech for a super product and customer service!

Norma D.
United States United States

Gets it out!!!!

It is ALWAYS great! I use it primarily on my carpet. My cat throws up a lot, and sometimes it takes several uses to remove the stain, but it ALWAYS gets it out!!!

Susan C.
United States United States

Wonderful product!

I have been using this product for over 30 years and after moving to a new state I couldn’t find any. I am so glad I could order online! It’s all I use to clean spots on clothes, carpet, and my car interior. I will never use anything else.

John F.
United States United States

The best stain remover for carpeting and furniture

Very good product for stains, best carpets and furniture