Stain-X Odor Neutralizer 24 oz 2 pk - Spray Odor Neutralizer for Fabrics, Athletic Bags, Garbage Cans, Smoke, and 100's of Other Offensive Odors Including Skunk!

USES: Complete odor elimination of tough odors from the air or any water-washable surface including fabrics.

Stain-X Odor Neutralizer is natures solution to all of your odor problems. Stain-X Odor Neutralizer is not an odor mask but a true odor eliminator by breaking apart or totally encapsulating the sulfur-bonds that you nose detects and breaks them apart - eliminating the odor.

Stain-X Odor Neutralizer has been formulated with a natural sassafras scent and selectively-adapted organic salts to effectively neutralize the most offensive odors. Our formula does not contain any enzymes, eliminating the need to wait and giving immediate relief from the odor.

Stain-X Odor Neutralizer is safe for use in the air and any water-washable fabric so it can be sprayed directly on the problem area.

  • Auto/RV/Marine
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Trash cans
  • Garages/storage areas
  • Near litter boxes
  • Athletic equipment (hockey bags, football gear, etc.)
  • Pet beds
  • Shoes
  • Anyplace odors occur