Stain-X Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner 128 oz Daily Floor Cleaner For All Flooring Types Including: Tile, Vinyl, Wood, Laminate, LVT, Vinyl Plank, and Natural Stone


USES: For daily cleaning and maintenance of wood, laminate, tile, vinyl, natural stone, LVT and other manufactured flooring surfaces.
Stain-X Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner uses a unique pH neutral formula that safely cleans virtually all floors and flooring types. Simply spray on your microfiber mop and go over your floors - this ensures your floors are moisture free quicker that using other products. Stain-X Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner does not contain any phosphates, caustic builders or pine oils. This versatile multi-use cleaner is perfect for daily maintenance as well as more thorough cleaning to remove the harmful dirt and salts that can harm your floors.
  • pH balanced formula
  • Contains no phosphates or harsh caustics
  • Leaves no residue and will not build up on your floors
  • Leaves floors clean and a pleasant lemon scent in your room