NEU Automatic Dishwashing Gel Scent Free 32 oz/6 pk - pH Neutral Automatic Dishwashing Gel Leaves Dishes Sparkling Clean Even In Hard Water

Stop bombarding dishes with harsh alkaline ingredients, phosphates and bleaches. NEU Automatic Dishwashing Gel gently removes soils leaving a spot-free shine. Guarded by a neutral balanced pH, dishware and glassware will look and feel better with every wash. No need to use dishwasher rinse aids. Save money and our environment.

· Sparkling Clean Dishes - Our neutral balanced pH, ultra-concentrated dishwasher gel powers through stubborn stains and stuck-on food, leaving no trace of film or cloudiness and works to remove cloudiness for your dishes.
· No phosphorus content. This product does not contain phosphates, bleach, silicates, chlorine or other harmful chemicals.

DIRECTIONS - Squirt 1 tbsp. into your automatic dishwasher detergent cup. NO need to rinse your dishes before running the dishwasher – saving water and the environment.